Looking beyond the score: Stimulating creative processes in music education




Creative processes in the field of music are commonly associated with the act of improvisation or composition. Classical instrumental or singing training seems confined to making music from score and is considered rather reproductive than creative. The maintainance of this dichotomy poses a threat to teachers being reluctant to explore more subtle and immanent instances of musical creation when playing from score. Unlocking these creative opportunities in their daily practice could open ways to discover further the educational opportunities of improvisation or composition. Alongside this exploration, learning musicians will meet some  aesthetic boundaries that seem to contradict the concept of creativity but need to be taken into consideration when aspiring artistic value.

The first phase of the research includes:

  • the construction of a conceptual framework to identify and operationalise the general concept of creativity in an artistic educational setting from an ecological perspective.
  • the  implementation of a stakeholder needs analysis (focus group/online survey) in which music teachers, students, educational counselors and policymakers are assessed on their relation to creativity.



Jo Stijnen