Respectus. Reconstructing Artistic Interventions in Music Educational Practices.




This research project draws attention to the methodological questions of artistic research in music education. As we define a music pedagogue’s artistry within the musical teaching and learning process, and not in a musical product, it is essential to reconstruct and communicate realtime artistic interventions in a valid and reliable way. This insight creates an interesting methodological challenge. Starting from an existing conceptual framework (based on the artistic PhD research by Thomas De Baets), we study four specific cases of music educational practice. We explore different possibilities to map these interventions. Hereby we consider the participating music educators as complete (artistic) co-researchers. This project is an important methodological exploration that can inform, support and guide future artistic research in music pedagogy. The main research goal is to develop a new research method. The research project results in a symposium and the publication of a methodological handbook.


Dr. Thomas De Baets, Project responsible, LUCA School fo Arts
Tine Castelein, Project collaborator, LUCA School of Arts
Dr. Thade Buchborn, Project partner, Musikgymnasium Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, Berlin
Ann Casier, Project partner, LUCA School of Arts
Prof. Dr. Ferre Laevers, Project partner, CEGO, KU Leuven
Dr. Luc Nijs, Project partner, IPEM, Ghent University
Adri de Vugt, Project partner, Royal Conservatoire, The Hague


  • Nijs, L., Castelein, T., De Baets, T. (2015). “Opening minds”: music teachers as (‘artistic’) co-researchers. EAS Conference. Rostock, Germany, 25-28 March 2015.
  • De Baets, T., Nijs, L. (2014). Music Educators as self-regulative “Learners”. EAS Conference. Nicosia, Cyprus, 21-24 May 2014.

Kortfilm over onderzoek aan Vlaamse hogescholen

Flanders Knowledge Area ondersteunt, via diverse projecten, de internationalisering van het Vlaams hoger onderwijs. Deze week lanceerden ze een filmpje dat het onderzoek aan de Vlaamse hogescholen positioneert. Tine Castelein participeerde aan het filmpje voor LUCA School of Arts. Zij mocht het project ‘Respectus’ toelichten. Je ziet het vanaf 4′ 39″.