About mET

muziek (9)The LUCA research group mET (Music Education & Therapy, research unit Music & Drama) specializes in a practice-based approach with the aim at developing an evidence-based practice in both disciplines.

The first domain includes the investigation of music education in formal, non-formal and informal educational contexts, with a clear focus on musical learning processes, methods of instruction, reflective teaching and musical learning environments.

The second domain includes the research of music therapy in clinical and ambulatory child, adult and geriatric psychiatry, with a clear focus on effects of musical improvisation, musical and therapeutic processes, interventions in music therapy and specific therapeutic phenomena and their effects.

The research group co-operates with various KU Leuven research groups, and is embedded in an international network.

Current INTERNATIONAL partners

Department of Music, University of Jyvaskyla, Finland
Royal Conservatoire, University of the Arts The Hague, The Netherlands